Recovering From Addiction A Lifelong Journey

Perhaps this is why so many addicted folks never come forward for help. They would have loved to be cured of their addiction but they were well aware that fighting their addiction could be a lifelong journey. They were not prepared for that. But they wrongfully perceived the journey. They need to be reminded that the addiction recovery chester pa program is not a life sentence. And regular attendance in an appropriate program will certainly not be a death sentence.

Regular attendance to a specialist addiction recovery clinic ultimately brings about positive results. But perhaps another reason for staying away or leaving after just a few weeks of treatment is the impatience suffered by such folks. Anxious for results, they lose their cool. It becomes too easy to forget, dismiss or ignore the fact that the recovery process from a previous life of addiction will be, going forward, a lifelong journey.

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Perhaps too they find the proverbial branding a bit unnerving. Take the regular AA sobriety meetings as a particularly familiar but good example. Everyone who attends the weekly meetings may be required to wear their name tags in the faithful belief that someone new will be showing. But one name tag they are not wearing is this one. It is universally accepted that they will remain alcoholics for the remainder of their lives.

Which, hopefully, will still be a long one. Drug addict. Sex addict. Anorexic. The labels do appear to have an undertone of derogatoriness to it, and perhaps such folks who shy away from such meetings and treatment consultations do have a point. But that is the point, really. One of the important steps towards recovery is to simply ignore what others may be saying or thinking about you.